Why is Video so Effective?

Video is full of life! Static text and images can be the opposite. Video engages the senses of Sight, Sound and the intangible sense of feelings in the viewer. When you engage more of a person’s senses you grab more of their attention.

You can literally reach out and create an emotional response in someone you have never met. That is effective.

Imagine the difference between the experience of watching your favorite movie in the theater and compare that to simply reading the script of your favorite movie. Which one is more effective?

Videos can transform what would be a conceptual presentation to an actual tour through the experience. You can demonstrate instead of describe! This is tremendously more valuable to the viewer.

Viewers can witness actual evidence of your claims as recorded by the camera which creates credibility with your viewer. It creates resonance between your declarations of quality and the video proof of your quality, for example.

This builds trust which leads to a higher likelihood of engaging with your viewer in a deeper relationship such as a customer, investor, or partner.

Video can help you create a professional image, stand out from your competitors, and increase sales which can drive increases in market share and profits.

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