Testimonial Videos

test-bgNothing inspires confidence in your product or service than a testimonial from a previous customer. And no written or spoken words can be effective as a video in communicating with your potential customer. A video testimonial is the best way to demonstrate your success with existing customers to your potential customers.

In this modern day customers are more savvy and want more than promises that you can meet their needs. They expect you to make those promises. What they want is proof. A satisfied customer confirming the value and success of using your product or service is proof that it works. This builds confidence and trust in your company and therefore makes them more receptive to invest more time learning about your product or service and ultimately engaging with you.




Testimonial Videos Typically Include:

  • Actual testimonial copy from previous customer is used in the video
  • Actual customer may be recorded if appropriate
  • Studio or on site shoot
  • Script writing
  • Short 30 second to 2 minute testimonial video
  • Audio recording and voice over
  • Title graphics and motion graphics
  • Editing and sound mixing

Benefits Include:

  • Creates a confident professional image
  • Builds brand/company confidence
  • Increases trust in your customer service
  • Increases sales
  • Increases profits
  • Helps you stand out from your competitors


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Examples of Testimonial Videos: