Dave Altman

Dave Altman

Dave Altman

Your uniqueness is not your weakness

Dave Altman inspires motivation and self confidence in others. He has been to the mountain, survived the fire and has come down with a message to the rest of us.  His creativity is not which path leads you there, because one of the secrets is that we must each truly discover and hack our own route through the overwhelming friction of existing. His wisdom is not what supplies to bring, because each of us needs something a little different. Suffice it to say that whatever you didn’t bring enough of for the trip, is what you’ll need the most at some point. He is not telling us we deserve to go to the top of the mountain. Surely if you made the climb, you deserve to be there and if you didn’t, then you don’t.

His motivation isn’t that it’s not as hard as it looks, because it’s harder than he could foretell without scaring you away. His kindness isn’t that he encourages you, because his urgings will put you into pain and fatigue.

His love isn’t preparing you for defeat.

His strength he cannot give you.

His message is not how difficult the steps will be…how much you will shed your skin in tears and sweat and doubt will become your soul….

His message is not how you can do it…just that you CAN do it.




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